In winter 2007 we were contracted by Los Angeles’ Hyatt Regency Century Plaza to support the launch of the hotel’s freestanding stylish new bar. The bar was conceived to lure the new occupants of the recently opened CAA headquarters as well as ICM, FOX Studios and United Artists (the previously dowdy Century City area had become a Hollywood outpost of VIP’s.) It was critical that X bar be introduced in a manner that would appeal to this high profile community. Through a series of advance press “screenings” – tours, exclusive press materials and pre-completion photographs, the stage was set for anticipation. This process also allowed us to meet the long-lead deadlines of our local and national media ensuring widespread coverage upon opening doors. In addition, a series of parties were held to attract our desired audiences – media, entertainment industry executives, nearby Beverly Hills residents and tourists, etc. The resulting coverage – which included every Los Angeles media outlet as well as a wide variety of national media (NY Times, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Los Angeles Times, LA Magazine, Angeleno, LA Confidential, 944, etc.) led to our being retained not only for the bar but for the entire landmark property.